Tucson is ready for a fresh, independent Mayor.

Tucson is at a tipping point. This moment requires a bold and pragmatic leader, focused on creating affordability, opportunity and quality of life for all. And a leader willing to hold our city officials accountable, putting the hard work ahead of their own personal clout and political ambitions.

Over the past decade I've dedicated my life to being a community organizer and advocate for Tucson's future.

As the host of Tipping Point on 1030 The Voice, I have been interviewing and listening to prominent advocates and thought-leaders in business, academia and on the city, county and state levels. I have learned we have many smart and creative solutions to our problems and a number of unique community assets but we too often fail to capitalize on them.
As the Executive Director of Tucson Young Professionals, I've been instrumental in building the largest and most vocal coalition of young people in the state of Arizona. As the face of the organization, I regularly am a leading voice in civic spaces for actions that will benefit both young people and their families over the long-term.
Zach interviewing a guest on his radio show
Zach giving a speech at a Tucson Young Professionals event
As the neighborhood president for Menlo Park, one of Tucson's oldest and most diverse communities, I've been involved in our neighborhood plan process to shape the next 50 years of our community around housing, transportation, historic preservation and open space, economic opportunity and more. I've been at the center of difficult conversations seeking to balance the needs for housing and economic development, with goals to preserve our natural, historic, cultural and people resources to ensure a safe, livable community.
As a Flinn-Brown Fellow, I was honored to join 30 others from across the state selected to receive intensive training around Arizona-specific politics in preparation for my continued service to the community.

I care about positive community outcomes. Not partisan politics.

I know independent public servants are rare in such a polarized environment.
I know it might even be a little naive to think it could work.

But local problems require local solutions without the noise of national politics. The desire for accessible, affordable housing, good-paying jobs and a high quality of life are universal. The right mix of policies to help us achieve them rarely benefit from applying ideological purity tests.

I look at our city government today and see so many missed opportunities because our leaders either play politics or play it safe. I believe we're creative enough to build a better city with a Mayor who is courageous enough to lead the way.

Will you host a living room talk?

I plan to have at least 100 conversations over the next few months in living rooms and spaces across the community. If you can bring 10 or more friends, I'll bring local coffee and pastries. I'll listen to your hopes and needs and share my ideas.

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